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United States, North Carolina

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In 2017 three properties were donated in Asheville, North Carolina, that now serve the purpose of providing housing to those members and volunteers of the community seriously dedicated to learning to be future stewards of properties and land applying the proper and sustainable management of the environment. 

United States, Florida

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In 2013 and 2016 the foundation received two pieces of land.  One is now a sanctuary that provides a proper learning environment and the other is actively being nourished by our community to return to the natural state of functioning as a cypress swamp preserve.  

Colombia, Resguardo Kogi-Malayo-Arhuaco

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In 2012 and 2015 the foundation purchased 2 pieces of land in their indigenous reservation and turned them over for right stewardship to two separate Kogi families.

Colombia, Santa Marta, Magdalena

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In 2013, 2015 and 2016 the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation purchased 3 homes in Santa Marta.  One was donated to a Kogi family, one was donated to the now late, Mama Jacinto  and now has been sold and one serves the purpose of hosting a space where an intercultural exchange can take place between Kogi families and members and volunteers of the foundation while doing work at the black line and the foothills of Gonavindua.

Colombia, Supata, Cundinamarca

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Since 2012 the foundation has been awarded the free use of land in a remote town in Cundinamarca Colombia where it has built the structures necessary that allow the dissemination and application of the original wise ways and has since also acquired a piece of land for reforestation and environmental recuperation that serves as a learning place for intercultural exchange where the original wise ways can be applied and witnessed.

Colombia, Chia, Cundinamarca

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Since 2015 the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation purchased 6 pieces of land in this critical area of the Sabana of Bogota, with proper housing facilities, from which it can study with interested students the effect of the proper re-harmoniziation of critical places in difficult environments.

On of our projects is to create a school for local children and young adults where they can re-learn diverse elements  that will allow them to recover a direct connection to Mother Earth and the effect each of their actions has on the environment. that sustains them.

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