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The Koginka Sewaluna Foundation was the birth of a 9 year gestation and deep intent to create a place of support and aid for those unique caretakers of our Divine Creation that still hold the Original Knowledge and that tenaciously and heroically have fought for the basic subsistence of their ancestral heritage and the survival of life on Earth.  It holds deep intent to recover the normal and natural functioning of the land it is able to acquire through the generous donation of those wishing to support us.

The foundation was created out of the conscious concern that all humans need to relearn to live upon this Earth without leaving footprints as our spiritual ancestors did for so many millennia.  We see the urgent need to deeply honor their wise ways, to follow their valiant footsteps, and to learn from those that have not forgotten who we really are.  Our volunteers are long-standing apprentices of this wisdom and eager to be stewards in the righteous management of our projects. 


Koginka Kamaru Xue, is an original andean maestro from Colombia, South America, with great talent as a holistic body-mind-spirit educator and healer. He is a skillful in eclectic combinations of natural healing modalities and a genius in the art and science of empathetic and sympathetic resonance. 


He began his intense training with world-wide known masters of different modalities and cultures at a very early age and has spent his entire life refining his special talents and natural abilities to read subtle energy facts with remarkable perception.

Koginka has spent many years in intense spiritual visionary quests in the heart of the Andean Mountains in severe retreats and pilgrimages where he reached deep communion with the Cosmic Spirit and a strong link with the wisdom of his ancestors and mentors.  His dedicated work to help the Kogi Indians of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia, has earned him the honor to be recognized and ordained by them as the First and only Mama outside their culture.

At his school, XOLAR VIBRONICS, he gathers all the best of his studies, findings and versatile creativity totally committed to compassionately contribute something truly valuable and wise to help the transformation of his fellow humans. He leads training programs and workshops, country and worldwide.  He also conducts a remarkable private educational practice full of miracles with an extended international community.


The foundation was created to fully endorse the philanthropic service and the impeccable conscientious behavior that Koginka Kamaru Xue has exemplified in America and worldwide for the last 25 years; a service solely dedicated to preserve, protect, and nurture our planet.


We are committed to collecting and preserving the invaluable teachings he shares to his apprentices at Xolar Vibronics, a Center for Holistic Healing Education and Conscious Living. We intent to assist in the dissemination, publication, and distribution of any printed, recorded or filmed material that aids in educating members of the general public throughout the world on the importance to return to the simple, non-destructive ways of living and behavior that will create harmony in our environment and bring back the balance of the natural system that sustains us, as it was originally intended.  These teachings are referred to as the Ancestral Holistic Wise Ways or the Original Living Wisdom.

At the same time we will aid in protecting his spiritual ancestors, the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, Colombia, and the Muiskas of the Savannah in Chia, Colombia, and any other indigenous or non-indigenous custodians that still hold the original commission of the Creator by raising funds to recover their sacred sites and ancestral wisdom.


"Sacred Reciprocity is the essence of harmony, balance, order and integrity. It originates in the divine resonance of perfect affinity and empathy that permeates the entire Universe. From that source Original Knowledge and pure creativity bloom! If you inhale you have to exhale; if you take, you have to give.

This is how the divine flow of sacred reciprocity works in such perfection at all levels and in all dimensions. The Maker, the Doer, the Giver and the Taker are one in ONENESS because of sacred reciprocity." 

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